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Logistics Best and Brightest is not like other job boards. Too often, on other boards, you post your resume and apply for various jobs and never hear anything back. Some of these boards charge you as much as $50 per month for access to the jobs that are advertised with them. Your efforts seem to fall on deaf ears and you never really know where your resume ends up. There are too many great sounding jobs with confidential in the company name section on the jobs available page. Communication is the key to successful job hunting and without communication and feedback you simply are adrift at sea without a paddle. Logistics Best and Brightest has developed several services designed to help you the job seeker and improve the results of your search. We have the resources necessary to help you get the job you need. To this end we have partnered with several companies to enhance your efforts when trying to find the best company for your next career step.

Meet Our Partner

Logistics Best and Brightest has partnered with Best and Brightest Search www.b2search.com an exclusive Logistics and Transportation recruiting firm, to support our candidates in their job search efforts. Best and Brightest works with the majority of the top Logistics and Transportation firms in the world. They have placed executives in the highest levels at many industry leading companies. Their professional recruiters have years of experience in the industry and know the people who make the hiring decisions for their companies, as a matter of fact, some of these hiring managers actually were placed by Best and Brightest. You, as a candidate on the Logistics Best and Brightest Website have the ability to contact one of these professionals at Best and Brightest to discuss where you are in your job search and what you are looking for.

Here's How We Do Things

The process for this service is simple, once you have become a member of Logistics Best and Brightest you simply post your resume. You will automatically be contacted by a Project Coordinator from Best and Brightest and you can set up an appointment at your convenience to talk with an experienced recruiter from Best and Brightest. There is no additional cost for this service.

"This is one of the key differences with the Logistics Best and Brightest Website. We simply refuse to let our candidates languish in the blue nowhere. Communication is the key and being able to work with partners such as Best and Brightest. is a substantive benefit for our candidates. They can learn from Professional Recruiters, who work in the industry everyday, who is hiring and what the best companies are to work for, this takes job hunting and career management to the next level and lets candidates know how they are doing and what they can expect". Mark A. Roth, Chief Operating Officer, Logistics Best and Brightest.

Please take the opportunity to talk to a recruiter from our strategic partner Best and Brightest. Simply click on the button at the bottom of this page and a Project Coordinator will contact you.